Ready to get more paying clients?

Do you know that one thing that can make you more sales? Or rather, those two things?

It’s two simple words: copy and content.

This is your magic pill for a 6-figure business. You play it right, and success will be yours.

You know who your ideal client is, right? But do you also know how to speak their language? And not just in any way either. It should be in a way that makes them feel like they’re not alone in the world, and it should be in a way that makes them feel understood and heard. If you can help make your audience feel loved, heard, and understood, they’ll be loyal to you forever.

Loyal in a way that they’ll sign up to your newsletter, join you in your Facebook group, and engage with you on your latest post on Instagram and Twitter.

But, you know this already, right? You know you need heart-touching copy and content. You know it’s a fact to grow your business. However, you don’t know what to write, how to do it, or when to do it.

You may even find it difficult to express yourself in writing, and you have no copywriting knowledge. You don’t know how to write in a professional, targeted, and transparent way to your audience. 


High-quality blog content will get you more sales

So, you’ve finally managed to get some words on paper, but you’re not sure where to go with it or how to sell without sounding salesy or pushy.

* Do you know how to keep your copy and content engaging, light, friendly, easy to read, genuine, and heart-touching?
* Do you know how to establish yourself as the expert in your field and create copy and content that converts?

If you already know how to do this, then you don’t need my help, but if there’s a little doubt in you screaming at you to get someone to help you with that content and copy, then let’s have a chat where we can get to know each other.

Top 3 reasons why your business needs a blog

Drive traffic

Well-researched, science-backed, high-quality blog content can drive traffic from search engines such as Google. And you definitely want that! Traffic will get you readers, and some of them become leads.

Convert to customers

Those readers you are getting from the high-quality blog content will turn into e-mail subscribers. Eventually, they’ll become customers.

Getting results

Whether you are looking for more website visitors and readers, leads and paying customers, this can all happen with high-quality blog content.

What you can expect from my writing services

* Topic researching and pitching
* Strategic headline copywriting
* SEO optimization and keyword research
* WordPress management (SEO formatting, editing, scheduling and/or publishing)  
* Creative and inspiring content that is easy to understand
* Content that is well-researched, fact-checked, and science-backed
* Money back guarantee: if you’re unhappy with the content provided to you within the first 60 days, you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked! That’s how certain I am that my blog content works!

How the process works

Step 1: Let’s chat and get to know each other!
I love helping businesses flourish. Let’s have a chat first completely free of charge. We’ll grab a cup of coffee, tea, etc., and get to know each other.

We can use e-mail or video chat, whichever you prefer. In this first call, we will discuss your business goals and needs. And you will learn how I can help your business.

Step 2: Pick your plan + getting started.
You pick the blog post package you’d like for your business, and you decide how long you want your posts to be. 

In this step, I’ll also ask you in-depth questions in order to get to know your business, your goals, and your target audience.

We discuss which topics you will be interested in for your blog.

You purchase the plan/package you’d like me to complete for you, and I get started working.

Step 3: Research, outline and write
There goes a lot of work into creating a blog post. Writing is so much more than simply writing.

I do heavy research to make sure that your blog post content is 100% backed by science.

Then I create an outline and start writing while keeping in mind your goals, needs, target audience, brand voice, and products/services you wish to sell. 

Step 4: Editing
Once the first draft has been written, I edit. This is a process entirely on its own. I make sure to edit your blog post at least two times before I send it over to you for the first approval.

I ALWAYS wait at least 12 hours from writing the first draft to editing, as this will help me keep a fresh eye and a critical perspective.

In the editing part, I will also optimize your post for SEO and keyword research.

Step 5: approval + payment
After I have finished writing the blog post, I will send it to you for approval.

Any thoughts or tweaking you have, you let me know. I will make sure to adjust the piece accordingly, to make sure that your target audience will absolutely love it.

Step 6: finished and publishing
I will send the finished blog post to you.

You post the blog post on your website and make sure to market the post on social media. Share it with your newsletter readers as well.

If you wish, I can even post it directly to your blog, format, and publish it for you. Provided that you have WordPress, as that is what I work with. This does take some time to do.