Sonesence Floating : Grounding Meditation music album

This music is soothing and an amazing tool to help you relax and stay calm.

You are the bridge between the astral and the earthly. 

Your Soul Star chakra connects you to the cosmic energy of all things. When you align your Soul Star chakra you understand your soul’s purpose, you can see the bigger picture, and feel your place in it all. You finally see how your essence is a vital piece of the grand design.

As you listen to Floating, you’ll elevate your spirit while all your stress & anxiety melts away. Drift into the aether with joyful ascension and let your Soul Star chakra bring you home.
Your Earth Star chakra connects you to the powerful energies of the physical realm, generating security for your soul’s expression.

As you listen to Grounding, you’ll earth your soul, release any energies that are not yours, and feel safe and grounded. Nurture the roots of your Earth Star chakra securely anchoring you to Mother Earth.

Balance and align your energy with two long and lush meditones tracks. Become the bridge between heaven and earth to invite wholeness and healing.


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