Magical blog post content to turn your visitors into paying clients

Are you ready to turn your website visitors into paying clients? Let me tell you that this is 100% doable with high-quality, unique and original blog content. I’m here to help your online therapy business connect better with your current website visitors and turn them into paying clients. And let’s be honest here – who doesn’t want those paying client numbers to increase?

What are the benefits of blog content?

In a blog post package, you get several benefits:

High-quality, magical and inspiring content
Readable, reliable, and relatable content
Detailed, well-researched and science-backed content
Topic research
SEO optimization

Your Online Therapy services deserves a writer who gets that blogging is branding!

As a business owner you understand how important it is to market yourself to your target audience. Having a blog with high-quality, well-researched, unique and inspiring content on your website will help your audience connect better with you and your brand.

Uniquely made blog content will help you get traffic from online searches (Google) and social media. It’s almost a given that with more traffic comes more leads, and with more leads comes more paying clients. This means increased earnings for you and your company – and you really can’t convince me that you don’t want that.


I'm Sarah - The creator behind Beckwith Writing

With me as your blog content creator, you will get high-quality, unique and magical blog content that will generate leads and paying clients to your website.

As I have personal experience with online therapy through several years, I know how well this works and I am here to help you market yourself as an online therapy business.