I'm here to help you take your health or wellness business to the next level!

Hi there. My name is Sarah Beckwith, and I’m a freelance content creator and copywriter. I absolutely love to deliver powerful messages in a powerful and inspiring voice.

I help creative female coaches and entrepreneurs communicate their value and optimize their business through magical blog content.

But, before we talk about me, let’s talk a bit about you. Just for a second or two, I want you to close your eyes and imagine:

* You don’t have to stress about what topic to write/blog about every week.
* Getting more pageviews (and conversions) with consistently produced fresh blog content.
* Growing your reach with captivating, authentic, engaging, and compelling content that you would never have to spend even a second putting together, as I’ll do that for you.

Fun facts about me

* I’m known for my 5.9 ft tall frame, my irony and sarcasm, and talking with my hands.
* I’m a nerd when it comes to history, and I could read about if for hours. I love watching war documentaries and movies while learning about the past.
* Caffeine has zero effect on me. No matter if I drink three cups of strong coffee, drink soda, tea, or eat anything with caffeine in it, it doesn’t affect me at all.
* I was born, raised, and live in Denmark. However, I speak and write English fluently, as my dad moved to the US when I was 5 years old. I spent most of my summer holidays in the US playing with American kids, so I had to learn the language fast to keep up with them.
* My biggest dream, since I was a teenager, is traveling the world in a van along with a Golden Retriever named Luna.
* I’m a connector. I understand that as human beings we want to feel like we belong and we never want to feel alone. We want to feel understood, heard, and loved.

Another fact about me, is that I’ve worked in customer service for almost a decade now. I’ve worked as a waitress, a barista, in grocery stores, and in general customer service areas. Customer service is something that can make or break your business – bad customer service can turn into a bad customer experience, and it can ruin your reputation.

I know a great deal about human psychology, as I’ve always been interested in the way we act as human beings. Why do we get angry, and what makes us happy? How can a brand deliver top dollar customer service in order to keep their customers and clients satisfied and happy?

An excellent customer experience can increase sales in your business, and your reputation will grow, as your customers will tell their friends about you. It’s a fascinating subject to keep in mind when writing content and copy for your business.

Why work with me?

You should work with me, because I’ll make it easy for you to provide valuable information and content to your audience and turn them into paying customers.

My writing is:
* Authentic, funny, easy to understand, engaging, and personality driven that connects with people in a non-salesy way
* Research driven and fact-checked
* Filled with storytelling that will help you sell and make a lasting impression


I’m easy to work with, and I always get the job done on time.

In fact, during my High School years I never once missed a deadline for a paper. I made it a point to always turn in any paper 1 day before deadline. Just because I could. I have also never been late a day in my life!

I respond to any e-mails within 48 hours on business days.

Please remember that I live in Denmark and that there may be a time difference between us.

Getting to know you is important to me

I’m more than just a writer. Before I even start writing I take the time to get to know you, your business, your goals, your customers, and your competition.

It allows me to write engaging and compelling content/copy that’ll be laser-targeted to get the results you’re looking for.

I want to truly understand your goals for your business, your dreams, who your ideal clients are, and what makes your products/services unique.

I offer the first initial consultation/session free of charge and 1,5 hours to get to know you.

Due to the extra time I take to get to know you, you’re getting much more than just a writer. You’re getting an enthusiastic partner who works extremely hard to position you as the best in your industry.